How to Bale Cardboard Boxes

by Repackify
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Guide to cardboard bale recycling for lose cardboard boxes.

Step 1

To prevent any uneven cardboard from blocking the path for wires to feed through, use two pieces of flat cardboard from behind the baler, folded in to fit across.

Step 2

Push the down button until the cardboard stops itself, then press the stop button for safety while working on the bale. Wires are run through holes in the top baler platform (hydraulic arm). In between the holes (not every one)

Step 3

The baler door can be unlocked by spinning the wheel by releasing the controls

Step 4

The rod should be prodded and poked through the openings where wires would go to check for any blocking (except for the holes at the top where chain is visible at the bottom, wires do not run through them, so skip those openings), then hit through with a rod to make an opening.

Step 5

First feed wires with holes go through bottom, go behind baler and feed back through top.

Step 6

Once you return to the front of the baler, feed the other end of the cable through the wire with the hole at the top. Pull to reduce slack in the cable, and then braid each cable 4-5 times.

Step 7

Get behind baler, take hooks with chain attached, and place them in upper position on machine (where top of baler comes down, there is metal where hooks latch).

Step 8

Place a pallet and jack roughly in the middle of the pallet.

Step 9

To eject the bale, switch the lift button to 'Up' and press down. Make sure to stand behind the controls and not in front of them

Step 10

Move bale on pallet in a spot that is not blocking anything

Step 11

Two cardboard pieces should be placed on the floor of the baler, with the bottom folded in a little to close the door.

Step 12

Unlatch the hooks with chains on the back of the baler and put them in the bottom position.

Step 13

Lock the door by spinning the wheel on the side by the controls.