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Repackify is proud to partner with businesses across the great state of Connecticut. Besides the Constitution State, we are also present in nearby states such as Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New York. Our commitment to sustainable logistics has led us across the entire New England region, serving businesses in industries as varied as manufacturing, retail, and healthcare.

Connecticut's growing economy is a prime market for our high-quality used packaging. Repackify offers businesses across Connecticut and its neighboring states the opportunity to significantly improve their operational effectiveness and support Eco-friendly initiatives by choosing our lightly used Gaylord boxes.

Gaylord Boxes Types and Dimensions:

Our Gaylord Boxes come in different thicknesses, shapes, and sizes to meet diverse packaging needs. Whether you require standard or specialized packaging, we have you covered. Some of our most popular Gaylord Box sizes and shapes include:

48" x 40" x 36" Gaylord Boxes: This standard or universal Gaylord box fits well on standard pallets and is suitable for a wide range of products, including dry goods, automotive parts, and electronics.
48" x 40" x 30" Gaylord Boxes: Slightly shorter than the standard size boxes, they are commonly used for lighter-weight items or when space-saving is a priority.
48" x 40" x 24" Gaylord Boxes: These boxes have a lower profile, making them suitable for products that are not as tall or bulky.
48" x 45" x 45" Gaylord Boxes: Sometimes referred to as bulk bins, they are commonly used in industries such as agriculture, recycling, and construction.

Octagonal Gaylord Boxes: With eight sides instead of the typical four, these boxes provide additional structural strength and stability. They are often used for heavy or irregularly shaped items that require extra support during shipping and handling.

Gaylord Boxes Recycling in Connecticut:

Repackify champions sustainable packaging solutions. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we buy, recycle, and put used Gaylord Boxes back into the market. Our Gaylord Boxes recycling services include free pickups at the owner's site. If you are interested in disposing of your old Gaylord Boxes, simply let us know.

Buy Gaylord Boxes in Connecticut:

At Repackify, we believe in sustainable development. Our lightly-used Gaylord Boxes aren't just less expensive than new ones but also environmentally friendly. If you are looking to invest in heavy-duty packaging that will last through multiple truck shipments, look no further than Repackify. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services and how they can benefit your business in Connecticut and beyond.