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Repackify takes pride in participating in California's bustling Gaylord Box market. Moreover, our services go beyond the Golden State's borders and extend to the neighboring cities in the states of Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona. California's huge population and bustling economy make it one of the biggest markets for our environment-friendly Gaylord Boxes. Whether they are holding lettuces, shredded plastic, or electronics, Repackify's catalogue of high-quality used Gaylord Boxes ensures that goods are deliveredfor a reduced cost to both the environment and our clients' bottom line. Our sturdy boxes are preferred by a variety of customers that go from Central Valley farmers to San Diego retail stores. Keep reading to find out why.

Buy Gaylord Boxes For Every Occasion

Whether you need packaging for a one-way shipment or sturdy packaging to keep your inventory organized, our catalogue includes something for every need and budget. We have clients from all industries and walks of life, going from large scale farmers to hip stores in downtown L.A. Our Gaylord Boxes are affordable, re-usable, customizable, and they can hold anything from loose parts to grain, metal scraps, or recyclable materials.

Protect Your Products Without Increasing Your Costs

The Gaylord Boxes market is no stranger to price fluctuations. Factors like how much corrugated cardboard is available in the market, the Holiday Season, or a big harvest will send the prices through the roof. That is unless you know where you can find used Gaylord Boxes of good quality. At Repackify, we have some of the best offers on lightly-used Gaylord Boxes that are ideal for bulk cargo.

Gaylord Boxes Recycling in California

It's no secret that California produces huge amounts of waste. And unfortunately, the logistics and warehousing industries are no different. At Repackify, we understand how important sustainability is for California. Indeed, we don't just help our clients find cheaper packaging but buy it ourselves and make sure that someone finds a use for it. If you have unused Gaylord Boxes in your company yo want to get rid of, let us know. We will not just give you a fair price but even drive up to your warehouse and pick it up completely free of charge.

Whether you are shipping or storing your products, our lightly-used Gaylord Boxes will fit your needs without breaking your budget or damaging the environment. Contact us today and let us address your packaging needs in a way that is both efficient and sustainable.