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Repackify enthusiastically caters to the vibrant and varied landscape of California, a state celebrated for its booming economy, cutting-edge technology, and dedication to green initiatives. In California, companies have a special chance to improve their logistics and storage systems while advocating for environmental preservation by opting for Repackify's gently used pallets. Our products are specially crafted to accommodate the multifaceted demands of California's businesses, providing pre-owned pallets in an array of shapes, sizes, and durability levels, all adaptable to meet a plethora of business needs. All over the great state of California, Repackify is proud to serve your pallet needs. We work in Southern, Central, and Northern California and have a network of established connections. Our current listings include Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, and Fresno. Besides the nearby states of Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon, we also have a large supply of pallets.

Most Popular Pallet Sizes in California

They are 48 x 40, 42 x 42, and 48 x 48 in size. Repackify offers Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C used pallets in California. There are several types of pallets in our inventory, ranging from four-way entry pallets to two-way entry pallets. We also have stringer and block pallets. As a result of California’s size, we are constantly seeking out new suppliers and partnerships.

Services Offered in California

Our used pallet removal service is one of our most popular services. We pick up bulk used pallets for free, regardless of where you are located, and cover all shipping costs. If you wish to sell your pallets, we will gladly purchase them from you. Please fill out the pallet removal form to get started.

How Much Do Pallets Cost in California?

Due to California's high cost of living it tends to have more expensive. Typically they range from $4 - $8 for used 48 x 40 wooden pallets